Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Crazy About the VW Campervan

Print by stefanierenee.

Printed moleskin notebook by rainydaystory.

Another cute print by christinamccall.

And this cute personalized wall name plaque by ShopLittles.

It gets better... These are portable speaker with AM/FM radio and clock made by Japanese folks Zumreed. AHHHHHHHRRRRRRRGGGH!! CANNOT TAHAN ALREADY!

I couldn't resist... I HAD to buy something VW camper bus! These 4 napkins are screenprinted by ohlittlerabbit.



Anonymous said...

Hi Ally, to further make u crazy about it I saw one of them still going strong around my neighbourhood! How's about your VW Golf doing so far? Working perfectly?

Ally said...

I'm already going crazy seeing a camper bus in my neighbourhood too!! An orange one! Not only that, there is a vintage BEETLE with it! *hyperventilate*

The Golf has been a bit sick, still awesome but not quite ever since I changed its clutch pack due to 2nd gear shuddering. Lately there seems to be 'misfiring'. The coil was loose and was fixed, but it's happening again. I want to post my ultimate Golf review for a long time now, but maybe after I've sorted this out. I think a review is best written after you've used the product for a year, fair right? Heheh

Kean Hong said...

my uncle used to have one...sold off. Should have keep it. :)

Ally said...