Monday, June 06, 2011

Obedient Wives Club

I feel lucky to be in Malaysia because I have news like this to make me laugh.

Ultimate shock value.

'Wives can curb social ills like prostitution by being obedient and alluring'

Obedient Wives Club to offer sex lessons on how to pleasure husbands

I gotta hand it to them for being upfront, honest and explicit about this. I can understand from an Islamic point of view/law because Christianity also have similar duty scope of a wife and husband albeit in a more 'loving,reasonable and new age' form. I think it's called The Five Languages of Love, and it is taught in pre-marital courses conducted by churches. It's like a little private guideline to keep your marriage healthy and happy.

But this club's belief and views are absurd beyond jaw-drop. Domestic violence, abuse and social ills are caused by disobedient wives who do not sexually satisfy their husbands?

This is my favourite quote from one of the founders, Dr. Rohaya:
"When husbands come home, wives do not welcome their husbands with warm alluring smiles and sexy dressing ... That is the reality today". Wow, she must've been living in some neverneverland.

Anyway, I expect this coming raya to be more 'sexy', like these Kuih Raya ala Obedient Wives Club.

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