Tuesday, October 13, 2009

School Project

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the word 'scrapbook' in D's newsletter for parents. We're to create a story and make it into a scrap book to be submitted in two weeks. We gotta ace this one, I mean, I HAVE to be the ONLY mother in JB who has all the professional crafting/scrapbooking tools man!! I got alphabet stamps, chipboards, fancy papers, fancy stamps, paper punches, ribbons, fabric, blings, cutters, Gocco, I GOTTA SHOW OFF!!!

The only thing lacking now is a solid story. Whenever I try to think of a story, I have this cheeky smile on my face, because the title of the story has to be...

BJ Loves Giving Love.

I KNOW!!!! It sounds soooooo wrong. Try to Google it. I told D the title, and I swear he repeated this, "BJ Loves Kinky Love?"

BJ is like this Kindeeland's mascot. It's a monkey. And we need a story about BJ who has all the love in the world to give. Any ideas?

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Angeline said...

everytime Lana comes home with a scrapbook project I make sure that hers would be the ugliest one.