Friday, October 02, 2009

My Unwanted 'Tenant'

Some time back, we had a rodent problem at home. A little mickey mouse moved in, trying to be part of our family. It left little 'souvenirs' here and there and freaked me out. Eventually, I Dettol-ed every surface at home.

One night, we caught the bugger. I can't remember how, thank you placenta brain.

There it is, precariously hanging on to life.

We had accidently kiap-ed his tail while closing all the ventilation windows. Does this make the hair on your hands stand? Mine did.

It's legs, trying to get hold on something to stay there. With the tail trapped, it hung upside down, but frantically getting up to latch on something.

I felt sorry for the little booger. But it is rodent! And there is a child in the house and I can't risk it coming back again.

It was gone the next morning. Tail and all. I wonder how it escaped.

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Angeline said... gross. I am so terrified of mice.