Friday, September 04, 2009


My 4 yr old started school at BJ Kindeeland since the beginning of this year. So far, I'm very pleased with their syllabus, the teachers and the environment.

The branch he attends is a biiiig custom-built house, with a children's pool (by Asiapools) nestled in a green lush surrounding, next to a small suburb estate. Nice, quiet neighbourhood. Many trees. Fresh air. Fairly safe. Double lane quiet road, easy to park, easy to drop off and pick up the kid. The number of little students is reasonable. A nice warm size I would say. Not too few, not too crowded.

Reasonable ratio of teachers to students as well. The teachers and staff are nice people. They handle the kids intuitively and have their system that seems to work. The head teacher (or is she the vice principal, not sure) handles most of the chaotic situation like screaming or naughty kids. She makes the effort to ensure each child feels safe, secure and happy there. When a child misbehaves, has tantrums or cries uncontrollably, she brings him/her to her office to settle down and have a talk. She's stern yet caring, so the kids listen.

He has about 6 workbooks that he does in school, one or two a day. English Phonics, Chinese, this abacus thingy, Maths and I can't remember the rest. He brings home a Homebook to do at home with me everyday. Just a page a day, usually alphabets, numbers and recently simple addition and subtraction. A routine before his bathtime. I was surprised kids start maths so early these days. I only learnt my alphabets and numbers when I was 5! Why is the world in a rush?

So, he learns amazing stuff at school. He likes his teacher and a couple of his friends in class. He is a well-behaved obedient kid in school, but a monster at home sometimes. Isn't this the norm huh. He spends 3 hours developing his academic and social skills in school, and then goes home to watch too much TV and play with his toys all day. Isn't that the norm too... heh heh heh.

Of all things, I'm most impressed with how the kids are taught to be independent. He puts away his dinner plate after eating. He actually brings his plate and his soup bowl back to the kitchen. Then he brings me and his father a glass of water each. Recently he bathes himself. He showed me what he was taught. From washing his hair down to his toes. He even learnt the correct hygienic hand-washing technique where you scrub the front and back of your palm and in between the fingers and all.
Not bad. He also learns that he must wear his own clothes and not depend on mummy.

So far so good. I am a laidback mom. He is a laidback kid. Laidback father, laidback grandfathers and grandmother. Everybody laidback. Go with the flow hey buddy. So, BJ Kindeeland has been a great help. Kudos for the awesome teachers!!


Mike said...

As long as our little one is having fun—and you're not a nervous wreck.



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Angeline said...

Sounds like a great place, dear.

Anonymous said...

Sounds gd... which BJ u ve sent him to? perling? well, i m looking for a school for my child now..