Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just JB

My route home, isn't it a pretty sight. The sunset, the breeze on tropical palm trees, the straits sea... jam also I don't mind.

Stulang, leading to Danga Bay.

Sometimes I take a different route where I'll pass the latest and ONLY 5-star hotel in Johor Bahru. Thistle. That replaced Hyatt. They cleaned up pretty well. The building is repainted grey now. I hope the staff and management maintains it well. Too many nincompoop slackers around.

The difference between KL and JB is, KL has at least 10 Hottest Chill Out spots and JB has eermm... satu, maybe dua. The other hotter chill out spots belong to ah long, bookie syndicates and are usually at shoplots with heavily tinted glass and neon signboards. Very tasteful you should check them out man. Very classy.

There are ah long cards tossed into my home compound almost everyday. I decided to call them one day from a payphone.

(Me in old-lady heavy British accent) "Hello there. May I speak with Mr Ten (Mr. Tan) please?"

"Halo. Halo? Halo?"

"Yes, hello there. Can you hear me darling?"

"Halo halo? Aaahh.. ya ya ya. Halo. This Mr. Tan"

"Riight. Excellent. I'm Matilda and I've got your card here that says you can lend me money dear?"

"Ah... ya ya. Money. We loan. Where you from madam?"

"Oh, I'm at a mart right now. And I've got pounds money darling, and no local money. I.. I don't know anybody here. No friends darling. Could you come and pay for my lai cheees please?"

(background) Niama ti tiang eh ang moh ah sor ai heng lui buey lychee. "Ahh..."

"Could you hurry please. I need... ahmm... I need 8 dollars and 60 cents darling"

"Aa.. sorry sorry *trying to hide chuckles* We don't. Sorry"

Dead tone.

You think I dare. Hahahhahahaa.


Kim said...

ally.. i nearly died laughing. dun do that to me leh... niama!!! send me some lie-chi (in british accent) pliz

Angeline said...

JB looking so hot ah?
I still remember when they were building that hyatt hotel and the first time i went in there like a very suaku kampong girl.

Ally said...

Yes darlings. Indeeeed. I will send you some lai cheees dear, lai cheeees.

Hahah, now if you walk into Thistle, you'll probably just go "Haa.. liddat only ah"