Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I Like...

EVERY night, I tuck D into bed. We have our nightly routine. After showers, I clothe him up and give him his bottle of milk. Yes, kids are still suckers to their familiar milk bottles until they turn whatever age.

Then, he chooses a book for me to read to him. Sometimes he chooses a gigantic heavy book which I tells him "No, it's too heavy for me to hold", to which he'll reply "Never mind, we hold together", to which I whine "NOOOO, I DOOOON'T WAAAANNNT", to which he pacifies "OK OK, no no no OK" and he puts the gigantic heavy book away. I am so spoilt.

Then, he settles with one and hands it to me. He hops onto bed next to me and I read to him while he gets drunk.

When I say "The End", he knows it's time to switch off the light.

Recently, I've been extending our nightly routine. After bedtime stories, I'd chat a little with him. Like do an interview on his day. I ask the same questions.

"Did you go to school today?" "What did you eat in school today?" "What did you do in school today?" The usual.

I also ask him "What toys you like?" (he loves this question), to which he always enthusiastically answers "I like...mmm, Optimus Prime, Megatron's friend Starscream, mmm... Optimus Prime..." He loves it when I take interest in his interests.

Last night, after this Q&A, after a short silence, D popped the question no one has asked me before and it took me by surprise.

He asked me, "What clothes you like?"


Omigod, we're like Best Friends Forever!

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PL said...

So sweet :-)