Friday, July 24, 2009

Please Get Well

Award-winning director Yasmin Ahmad suffered a stroke and is recuperating after a neurosurgical procedure.

I've never met her, but I've cried and laughed at every one of her TV ads and films which always revolves around family ties, values, real world and truth about life.

This ad, about a single father and her daughter, moved me to tears before I could say the word Daddy.

There are also funny ones like this one. Genuine, unpretentious and innocent.

And this one.

She's just brilliant. Our country needs more smart folks like her.

And I have this little secret. I dream to be in her films one day. NO... no... I dream to BE her one day.
But I'm stuck in a science lab, washing test tubes. Tiu.

1 comment:

Kean Hong said...

ya, her film is nice.

and no matter you are washing the test tiu or watever in the lab after 9 yrs.... janji gaji is sing dollar, good wat.