Wednesday, July 22, 2009


A couple of cases. Old folks say that a child's fever indicates growth spurt and brain development.

After Daniel had high fever, he could write his name ... just like that! About 3 guided helpings, off he went! D-a-n-i-e-l C-h-o-n-g! Ya ya maybe he should already be writing an essay by now but my little boy can write his name!! (will insert glorious exhibit soon)

Speaking of education, I fall into the percentage of parent who work in Singapore and reside in JB. Your life changing question is, where do you send your kids to for a good education. 99% says Singapore school. This will probably be the hardest decision we have to make. Will he be stressed out? Will he be able to get up at 4am? Will he sleep in the bus like the rest? Will he be able to cope with this semi-hectic life at a young age? Are children tougher than we think they are? ARE BABIES BORN FOR LABOUR?!

Honestly, I think our education system is alright. It's enough, it's not Cambridge, but it's ok. What we're lacking are good teachers. Good wholesome ol' fashioned role models who teach us about books and life. Maybe there are still some good teachers left, but there ain't enough. And most importantly, good MALE teachers. The ones who will influence many lives of young males, who will lead our nation in one way of another. Attitude,baby, gotta have the right attitude.

Another coincidence case, which I notice. I don't know how long has it been going on, but my nose will bleed a little before an impending menstruation. Apparently some women experience this. How bizarre!

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