Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Life is Fragile

Lately, I've been thinking about diseases and death (Insurance company would LUUUUURVE to see me).

The human body is so strong yet so fragile. What makes some recover so well from a life-threatening disease, and what makes some succumb to a harmless ailment, just like that. Is it destiny? When it's time, it's time? Does one die in order for others to live? Like a celestial agreement and contract you have signed? It's always been a mystery and I'm always intrigued by this.

When will I die, and how.

I find myself browsing through obituaries lately. I look out for their ages. 57, 63, 81, 56, 61, 57. Are our life expectancy getting shorter? Is it a good thing perhaps?

I think pain makes you think about dying. I have an friggin' ulcer AT THE TIP OF MY TONGUE. TIP OK. Where it's packed with nerves. When I speak, when I eat, when I try to dislodge a piece of food deep inside my mouth ( my tongue is my favourite toothpick sometimes), I want to die.

And since we're at the topic of pain and death and natural calamity, this is a photo poster that won me second prize in a recent contest organized by the agency that funds my research institute where I work.

I hope that doesn't happen. *touch wood choi choi choi*

So, to celebrate life and its glory, I shall make to go shopping with my prize vouchers. Woo hoo!

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