Monday, March 23, 2009

Sew Me

I love collage art. It's fun artistic mess of different materials, patterns and textures put together. I just love it.

Basic collage lesson for a 3.5 yr old.

I've been busy myself.

MY FIRST SCREENPRINT!! Done by hand on natural canvas, and sewn into a bag. Lunch bag, shopping bag, anything!

Speaking of sewing, Annabella, Jacqueline Jacobs and her partner came over after dinner two weeks ago and we all got excited about crafting and sewing quilts. We even plan a massive project involving all Convent girls of Class 97 to make one piece of quilt and then eventually they will be joined and sewn into a giant quilt! Gosh, it sounds like a lot of work and headache already. But I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Must dream big to achieve big right?

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Anonymous said...

wahhhhh, sounds like we are all gonna contribute to a 'KOYOK' piece of art