Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mosquitoes everywhere

Is it just me? Or are we swamped with the lil' pesky yeeeeeyyeeeeeyeyeeeeee MOSQUITOES!! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE FAK THEM ALL.

One night, after a couple of hours into his sleep, he woke up and laid in bed, eyes open, and pondering. I think he has never heard the sounds of mosquitoes yyeeeeyyeeee-ing near his ears before! Even adults get annoyed!

And don't ever fall prey to the little mossie repellant that you plug into your electric powerpoint where it supposed to emit scent that mossies hate. IT DOESN'T WORK! The solution: Wear leather jacket and pants.

Recently I read a book. I RARELY read, so when I DO read something, it's good. I promise. It's called Raising Boys, by Steve Biddulph

Highly recommended for parents with jumping hollering messy monkeys. You will know why they are jumping hollering messy monkeys.

Highly recommended ESPECIALLY FOR FATHERS of jumping hollering messy monkeys. You are the software programme which your young son will download, to learn how to be a man. A happy, well-balanced man. KEYWORDS: TESTOSTERONE.

And to mothers.... basically you are not so important anymore when your boy is six onwards. Of course you are STILL important, being there for him, teaching him about life and love, BUT this is the time when fathers become their main role model, teacher and friend. This is the time fathers should spend as much time with their sons. Boys learn so much even by playing games with their dads.

Then comes the age of fourteen. Mom, Dad, step back a little. Now they need mentors. An older male mentor. Uncles, grandfathers, pastor in your church, male teachers, scout master, a boss, even friends. If you find your boy ain't listening to you, he will most likely listen to another older male who is involved in their life at that time. Someone he looks up to, or feel at ease with. Here comes an important point.

We need more male teachers in our schools. Or at least more male volunteers for school projects. Good male leaders who recognize the needs of young boys to learn about life.

I apologize as I am not able to provide a summary on raising girls. Steve wrote one called Raising Girls. Go get 'em!

SO. I read it, so what. Am I doing a good job? I don't know. I hope so. I try my best. Love love love love love. Is all I have to give.

Photos I meant to post eons ago.

Goofy bedtime moments.

Darren, Eileen's boy, and Daniel.

Watching Ben Ten.

Azrina Nana's wedding at Rumah Limas, Danga Bay. It's gorgeous!

Peace bebeh.

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