Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Daniel's First Stage Experience

In everyone's lifetime, you'll go on stage at least once.

Children who took part in the traditional costume contest queued, and one by one, they went up on stage to do their rehearsed pose. Girls turn around, do the 'gong xi gong xi' hand gestures while the boys did the 'ultraman' hand moves.

His turn. Slight hesitance in the first few 3 seconds, then walking across the stage to the middle, he did his ultraman pose with gusto. GUSTO! And walked down the stage. This 6 second moment will forever be etched in my heart. I was almost in tears!! My little boy is a STAR!! So I did what all mothers would do. Froze in amazement, glory and pride, THEN take pictures AFTER he's done his moves.

Kindeeland's Main Hall.

I love photos like these. The funny moment, the eye contact, the human connection. It feels so magical, especially through a child.

See that gigantic Pooh Bear behind him? The one I pray NEVER to get. It went to the student whose parents bought the most coupon. Geez, how appropriate.


Anonymous said...

both of my nephews come from BJ, one was in Tmn Molek, one is in Tmn Ehsan, which is her final year.

Ally said...

This one's in Taman Sutera, Perling. Someday who knows they might be in the same college :)