Friday, July 25, 2008

Who dat?

Quote of the day: Everything shocks me. I'm a scientist.

I bumped into a dude's car, and now he wants to be friends. I SOOOOO feel like Khairy! Just that I'm not a scheming master of deception on a wooing frenzy for political reason. And he doesn't look like Daniel Henney. Anyone watched his korean romantic comedy Seducing Mr. Perfect? *tongue rolls out 10 meters long*

There was love in the exhaust fume-polluted air at the Spore customs yesterday. Now, every cars get checked even outgoing. You get down, lift your blouse.. I mean booth, the officer looks for 2 seconds, and then it's done. Sometimes they implement this little system where they pass you a small sheet of paper, written on it, the number of passengers in the car, which you are suppose to give it to the immigration officer when you get your passports checked. The number must tally you see.

Yesterday I was given that sheet of paper, folded into a heart origami. On it written '1'. I laughed ( I perasan also) while looking at his creation. He said ," Pass to officer". I got back into my car, waited in the queue as usual, until it's my turn. The officer was a lady. I passed the origami heart to her. She gave the apa-ni look, then giggled.

Wah seh, use people to pass lovenotes... They must've been feeling sexy in their uniforms.

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