Thursday, March 13, 2008


Puisi of the day:

Gurindam Pak Lah

Panas ku sangka hingga ke petang,
Rupanya hujan di tengahari,
Kelantan ku sangka mudah ditawan,
Rupanya kuhilang 5 negeri.

Sungguh malang nasibku ini,
Tiada kampung, tiada negeri,
Penang negeriku ditawan DAP,
Taktau kemana nak bawa diri.

Ada baiknya ku undur diri,
Bagi peluang kepada Khairy,
Sambil kutumpu kepada isteri,
Manalah tau kot dapat baby!

Excuse me while I need to curse somebody...


Commuters at the causeway including yours truly were held up for 4 hours plus yesterday! FOUR BLARDY HOURS.

Guess what the customs doing now? Taking your blardy thumbprints. And it doesn't help when the system is blardy ssllooowww. Such genius! He escaped two weeks ago, and NOW we're scanning our thumbprints, so blardy awesome smart aleck they are!

I called home.

"So honey, how was Daniel's convocation?"

"It was great but that was ages ago. We are grandparents now, you know? Little Julia is a ruckus!"

"Oh... that's nice. Sigh... I should be home for Christmas if they keep this pace"

"Alright dear. Hey, sexie, pass me the beer.."

"Who is that?"

"Oh, that's Tina. I remarried"


At this point, I saw Mat Selamat at the backseat of my car. He was holding a hi-tech device full of wire with a countdown timer, and I yelled, "SET THE BOMB I WANT TO DIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"

As you can see, the highly *HIC* intense pressure of patience and *HIC* suspense have adversely affected my *HIC* nerves.
*muscle twitching*

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