Monday, March 31, 2008

Aiwah & Alex's Wedding Banquet & Glorious Penang Food

Quote of the day: Once in a while, indulge.

I have to tell you, Penang food is F***ING AWESOME! This trip is the bestest of the best! Right after I touched down, my lovely cousin whisked me off to indulge in one of the island's best Penang laksa.
Sori, ini imej dari telepon bimbit. The laksa soup luxuriously fragrant. And you gotta have authentic hay-ko (prawn paste).

Then, nap. THEN, out to eat rojak! Again, the hay-ko killed me.

But good things must come to an the meantime. I had to endure typical Chinese wedding course, without hay-ko :(
Of course, the whole purpose of my trip is to witness and be part of a celebration of love and union of Aiwah and her always-smiling Alex. He must be very very happy to have her as his bride. Congratulations lovebirds! Herzlichen gluckwunsch!

Gurney drive.

Makan stalls at Gurney drive.

Couple of the hour.

Something unusual. But wait a min... the bride is not inside. Behold she's the bearer of the opening dish! Beh gam..

Supper at Batu Ferringi. Or-chien and char kuey teow courtesy of Sim's folks. I had so much little oysters.. and you know what oysters do to you, dontcha dontcha *chuckle chuckle* They were explosive.

Asam laksa, charkueyteow,oyster omellete and prawn mee. The four heavenly touch-my-body signature must-haves in Penang!


Kean Hong said...

when will go to pg again?

Kean Hong said...

and where is your lovely cousin picture?

Ally said...

I will go when AirAsia have promotion :)

Sori bang, tak ambik gambar of gua punye lovely cousin. Lain kali ye?

Kean Hong said...

ok. sure, i akan tunggu sampai dapat..... kekeke