Monday, September 03, 2007

Stinky Cuttlefish Overdose

Quote of the day: “If you have never been hated by your child, you have never been a parent.” -Bette Davis

My mouth stinks. I ate too much crispy sotong. Oh-so-good.

It's been raining everyday. Is it the curse of Rihanna's over-played song 'Umbrella" -ella -ella -ella?
No kidding. It's either heavy clouds, dark clouds or rain. I'm getting seasonally depressed. I need SUN. I need to photosynthesize big-time.

My blessed weekend was as usual, filled with excitement of going to the market, cooking meals and playing with the terrorist. I couldn't scrapbook because I slept whenever I could. Thank goodness, hubbie is around to keep the little one busy, but it's fair I guess since I had my share of single-parent moments.

I bought a bean bag cover and 8 bags (adult pillow size) of foam beads to fill it. Daniel loves it so much, he keeps diving into it. Hubbie and I love it too, we 'christened' it last night.

If I was the teacher reading this, I'd die rolling on the floor. I'd probably give him markah 95 before I die. Kids these days huh, evil humour. (Click on image to get enlarged version. For those who totally cannot read his handwriting or don't understand what the hell he is writing, just tell me, I will translate)


Kean Hong said...

ini Form 6 ke?

power nia esei ni.

Pantun ni paling bes:

Berjalan jalan di tepi muara
hendak mencari anak dara
kalau nak cari anak dara
di tepi muaralah!

salute him!

Ally said...

Ya la, power siah. Boleh mati...

Angeline said...

somehow the thought of you and the hubby humping on a bean bag is quite funny.

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