Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Recent Achievements

Quote of the day: Planning for happiness is rarely successful. Happiness just happens. - Robert Half.
The morning look.

I really love my beanbag. It hugs you. It makes you sink deeper and makes it harder to get up. I should replace the couch with beanbags. Guests who visit will sit on beanbags. Two people can even share a beanbag. Hmmm... on second thoughts, my aging mom and dad might not be able to get up. But that's ok, they can sit on the rocking chair and eat biscuits.

The breakfast on the floor.

This was taken after we came back from our first childcare trial (previous post). Did I mention I washed his hands twice, with dettol handwash? I'm getting paranoid aren't I.

My favourite mascara. Loreal's Double Extension with Fortifying Base Coat and Ultra-Lengthening Mascara.

It's free. Courtesy of hubbie who attended Guardian fair, and brought back a truckload of bodycare goodies. He even bodek some promoters for some trial packs of Clinique 3-step facecare... for HIMSELF. That vainpot.

My wedding studio scrappages.

The attention is on the paper's design. I mean who cares about the bride and groom right.

Other scrapbook layout I managed to complete these past few weeks.

I just can't get enough of it.


Angeline said...

hi dear your liitle man has grown up into such a handsome boy. and your wedding pics are beutiful--you are soooo photogenic!

and yeah, scrapbook looks good 2

Weng Wah - 荣华 said...

impressive, i love all your artwork. congrate.

Siew Lee said...

you are the creatve queen, your weeding pics are beautiful!