Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Please Donate to Ally's Home Reno Fund

Quote of the day: He who laughs, lasts -Mary Pettibone Poole

I sprained my neck during my sleep last night. Now, I'm a walking robot.

My faithful IXUS 400 has been giving me tempers. It refused to be detected on my lappie, and the battery life has gone down considerably low which means I can't even snap more than 20 pictures in an hour, let alone a day.

Lately, I have been daydreaming of being on a beautiful beach, and doing nothing but lie in a hammock and listen to the waves. I just want to ... stop moving for a while, you know what I mean. Just stop whatever I do everyday in life.... driving, laundry, cleaning, planning what to wear tomorrow, which bills to pay, bla bla bla. I just want to have a taste of the like-there's-no-tomorrow kind of day.

I have to save up for my house renovation.


These days when I'm driving, especially after work, I notice that I actually make the effort to look around to see other drivers and passagers in other cars. And I'm no longer afraid or shy to look. I'm doing this as an observant citizen who is aware of the surroundings. When I see a car occupied by men only, I get wary. I give them the 'look', as a message that I am watching them and don't be funny with me or anybody else. Gosh, is that safe to do? Am I actually inviting trouble if they are really crooks? *shiver*

I just spent USD110 on 4 magazines on card-making and a Quickutz template set... plus international shipping. And I'm going to spend more on scrapbooking books, just because they're so nice to look at. I guess it could relieve some of my subconscious stress. I'm an incurable online shopaholic and scrapbook junkie, that it's beginning to replace my sexlife I think!

Ouch, my neck!


Kean Hong said...

time to go for hike in Tahan. u will get away from h/p, notebook, work, traffic jam....

Ally said...

I'm not hiking type of person. I'm a beach bitch.

Kean Hong said...

ya...naked walking on the beach..... and swim and ..... just has a sunbath naked....