Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Now Have Side Parting

I have a humongous backlog of things to do. Why is it always like that. They are nothing but things I create, and I expect myself to finish them. I'm an extremist. I can be either very bored, or very occupied.

Maybe turning 30 has something to do with it. They say the thirties is the new twenties. Life just began at full gear.

My revelation crept in, not on the day I turned thirty, but perhaps a month or so after that. It's like an awakening that's on snooze, and I finally got up for real.

I have accepted myself, who I am, what I am, what I'm like, and I don't care a drop of what others think anymore.

I'm comfortable in my own skin, in private, in public, in front of my naked husband, in front of my peers, boss and handsome hunky strangers.

Maybe that's what it means by being wiser. Not in the knowledge sense, but in an emotional developmental sense. How you change the way you feel about yourself, has changed the way you feel about the rest of the world.

It's a priceless experience.


Weng Chung said...

We got to admit that we are getting older..huh??"naked" husband ??? hahahaha...

Kean Hong said...

nothing wrong with naked ...haha

Ally said...

Yah, wait till you're married shyguy... you will love being naked everyday... hahahhaa

Angeline said...

i have a humongous backlog of things to do too - but so lazy