Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Xiu Ye Tzai

Got him a man's man pajamas. Look so xiu-ye ( young master of a rich and influential household in typical olden Chinese soap opera)

The hubbie will be spending half his time in KL from next month onwards, having been assigned some projects over there, in which his performance will be heavily evaluated by his superiors and peers to determine if he'll be the right person to fill in the position of a manager. It will be a rather stressful few-months period, not to mention tiring, as he will be travelling to and fro. But this is a golden opportunity that he has been waiting for, and I support him all the way.

So IF he does get the big seat, I'll be packing my bags too.

I'm scared. I'm excited. I'm happy. I'm sad.

To leave my comfort zone and land myself in uncertainty is definitely mind-boggling. But I will have to do it. KL is a place I wished to live in, 5 years ago. In my impression, it's a haven for young hot clubbin', minglin' singles. Maybe it is a good place to raise a family, I don't know, but I saw a glitter of hope when recently in the papers, the Sultan of Selangor says he envisions Selangor to be a dream state for every resident who wants development and loves peace. His Majesty's Vision*fingers crossed*

I worry for Daniel and his generation's future in Malaysia. There are so many factors arising recently that make me doubt about our nation's stability and development 10 years from now. Is Daniel going to be safe here? Will he get the opportunity to develop himself fully to be a good person? Will the education system improve with time? Are the leaders in the government going to be fair? We'll never know. But I hope they know the people are getting smarter and won't tolerate stupidity and injustice. Talk about those useless manipulative unscrupulous money&power-hungry politians can vomit blood.

Oop, sidetracked there a little.

SO. Right now and all along, the hubbie has ample time for himself which he spends mostly on golf. Me on the other hand, have 15 minutes a day for myself which is spent showering and applying lotion on my body ( doesn't take long, as surface area is small ).

I start to imagine a reversed fate. I look forward to better times.


Anonymous said...

thought i heard someone said before, "change is the only constant thing in life" ???

hehehe...just kidding mom!!

good for u, Paul and Daniel. for me there is no such thing as 'comfort zone'!! once you got too comfort with something then it is time to move on... if not the only way is 'down'
i am pretty sure these challenges will make you a stroger person....

i believe most of us have read Michael's article. guess it sums up everything for us...

forza juve

Kean Hong said...

as i always said: "Time To Change".

be prepared for the change. coz talk is easy, when come to action, susah sikit.

u been living in the comfort zone for some time, u sud know what is the new challenge when u choose to change in KL.

good luck, meow meow...

Angeline said...

my husband is on the new and improved job now but he's been so busy and overwhelmed, not to mention very stressed too.

i sometimes remember our early days here when he was nothing more than an ordinary salesman - we had a lot of fun travelling together on his sales calls (got to see a lot of Canada then). also back then he had a lot of free time for's funny you don't really miss the good stuff until it's gone.

well, sometimes change is better than no change because no change can be pretty damn boring too rite?

Ally said...

Change is indeed constant. I have faced major changes in life and will continue to do so. No matter how upbeat nad positive you are, it's normal to be a bit apprehensive about it right?
I'm actually excited about it, but not now, because it's not confirmed. In the meantime I will enjoy working in Singapore as much as I can.