Monday, December 11, 2006

Bollywood Night

T'was my company's D&D last Friday and Bollywood t'was the theme.

I made myself a choli, which is a top worn with saree or long skirt according to traditional Indian costume. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the process because my camera was out of orbit then, which would've been quite interesting to see. I cut out an old red T-shirt and sewed sequins and silver borders all around...and wa la!

I spent about 5 hours in total and S$15 on my choli that won me The Sexiest Award! Had to work for the prize leh. Anyway, the prize money will probably be spent on diapers. Or... maybe not...heheh.

As usual, the event was made even more fun with individuals who dared to dream and make it a reality.

I hope he hadn't gone ALL the way.... to Dr. Ragu's Indian Vulva Design Clinic at Homo Sutra Complex.

Me and my wonderful colleagues who have become like one big happy family.

That's it for pictures from my strange camera that worked after I pressed a few buttons like crazy. Will post more if there are good pictures from other cameras.



Kean Hong said...

do your back got a lot of hair? just curious.. anyway, u r "choon"

Anonymous said...

hello there,
You look really nice.Good work dear.


Angeline said...

i think ur costume is definitely sexier than the others in the pic.

Bare back can actually be sexier than cleavage sometimes.

Good work dear, on the costume and congratulations on your win!

Ally said...

Thanks Amrit and Angeline dears!
Effort always pays I guess!

My back got a lot of hair wan, like gorilla, so I had to shave it off first.