Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Sorry, a bit belated... Happy Mother's Day to all moms. Daniel gave me a big wet kiss, and a diaper full of shit...hahaha. I brought my mommy dearest and the little barb to Ikea on Saturday, then came back and went out for dinner again at Jusco, Tebrau City. Met up with Aiwah and her colleagues. Daniel received his first birthday gift from Aiwah CHEH-CHEH, a cool sportscar! (will load pictures next week) He doesn't know how to push with his legs yet, but he lifts his legs and rest them on top when I push the car for him... wah, so lazy! Anyway, Paul went back to Seremban to have dinner with his mom, who end up cooking because the restaurants outside were so packed. My mom thinks I should've went back together, but knowing her, if I really did that, she will be disappointed and the "ya la, other mothers are more important now la" will start. Ally smart now...hehehe. Anyway, I know nothing can make it up to mom-in-law, but I hope Lo Hong Ka Bird's Nest will make her happy. Besides, it won't be long before we make another visit :)

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