Monday, May 29, 2006

Daniel's New Haircut

Took him to a salon to have his haircut. He sat on my lap, the hairdresser wrap him with the 'plastic protector', but in the end both of us still covered with his hair. He didn't squirm at all, not bad siah! He was just very curious at everything, kept staring at the pretty cheh-cheh trimming his hair.... hahhaha. And then, ta-da! Daniel's new look, the Schoolboy-Boy-Scout look! Look so decent right... hahahaha


Kean Hong said...

happy belated birthday to Daniel

Angeline said...

My dear LY.
Dear me, how fast our babies have grown. And your Daniel is looking more like his daddy everyday. Cool haircut. Must keep him nice and cool in the weather.I forget how beautiful your house is. I can't wait to have dinner there again (lingau tong again ah?). Maybe our babes can entertain themselves while we chat our hearts out. I miss home and can't wait to be back.

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