Thursday, March 02, 2006

Maam maam!

Last weekend,I cooked ABC soup, mashed up the potatoes and carrots, add a bit of Marmite and mix it up real good. He loves it. Then again, he loves anything that can be eaten. Our friend here is eating solid rice already, don't really like porridge. But amazingly, he still must have his nen-nen at the end of the day. Getting more like father too, loves the newspaper and the remote controls. I don't know what the future holds for him in this world that is getting harder to live in sometimes. I know things are never the same now, and I wish he can enjoy the carefree innocent childhood we all had. Will he find happiness? Will he be a good kid? How much will petrol costs when he starts driving? A parents' questions never end, so will the unconditional love.

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Kean Hong said...

so izit time to show them "colour", and perform your responsible rakyat duty by not vote the rulling party.... ?? ask yourself, you vote for it, you get it now!!!