Wednesday, January 11, 2006

WHOA!! New JUSCO in JB..again

It feels like I was walking in shopping mall in KL, like Mid Valley. Opened on the 4th January, Wednesday, the date most probably chosen based on Japanese almanac, was crowded like..literally hell ( oh we love to sin) on the weekend and on Hari Raya Haji. People of all ages, in fact I think everyone in JB was there to check it out. Boasted with international brands like... wah, dunno where to start, Guess, Calvin Klein Jeans, NafNaf, Dorothy Perkins, British India, wah dunno when to stop, it targets young execs, wearing MAC make-up and Elle power suit. I know I suakoo, but this is the first time those franchise are in JB. Majority of aunties think that it is an expensive place, "Cannot buy wan, look see only, will only consider if there's sale". I totally agree. There's this high-class shop selling high-class flower arrangement, where I walked in thinking it was selling individual fake flowers, this high-class promoter with excellent service happily told me " Maam, everything in here is 50% off"... WAH, I so happy, woman mah, hear the word discount sure happy wan. Then I looked at the price tag... RM 500 per flower arrangement. So I high-classly walked out of the shop after one high-class round.

Can it survive? Let's see... will update in future, with extrapolated patron-ship results and plotted charts.

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