Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Want to jump with me?

Ahh.. it's just one of those days I feel like lazing around at a pool like this. Anyone planning this year's vacation? Or too soon to tell. I'd prefer a makeover for my home sweet home. Oh yes, I'd love a pool like this on my frontyard, but that would mean digging a big hole in my pocket and to my neighour's driveway. That won't be right, especially my pocket. Perhaps a little verandah, with dark wood floorings, a suspended rattan swing to waste the evenings away with a good book, garden table for a romantic outdoor dining and lots of hanging potted plants to create a cozy enclosure from the harsh world out here. Phuaaah! Onz siah! Eh, but where can I hang my clothes then? Never mind, rattan swing more important, I can wear wet clothes.

Till then, I will enclose pictures. Wish me luck!

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