Friday, October 13, 2017

Bangkok Oct 2017

Epic 'aunties' trip. It was literally a non-stop shopping and eating trip with my mom, aunt and my helper, Josie. Yes my helper! Among us, I'd be regarded as the veteran. And this would be the first trip to Bangkok for my aunt and helper. Here we go!

Previously, I stayed at Sukhumvit area but this time I chose a hotel nearer to the city, right at Chit Lom. Arnoma Grand Hotel is right next to Big C Supermarket and within walking distance from the ChitLom BTS station, the famous Erawan Shrine, Central World Mall, Platinum Fashion Mall and Pratunam Market. Just awesome.

From the hotel we could walk to Platinum Fashion Mall via this sheltered walkway which connects directly to the building.

My favourite must-haves. Mango sticky rice, pad thai and papaya salad. You can never go wrong here.

The mall has two wings and you could literally spend an entire day here. This shop, Oii, remains my favourite. Everytime I come here, I'd leave with something.

My aunt's first tuk-tuk ride!

My helper's first tuk-tuk ride as well.

The next morning, we chanced upon a simple street food market just next to Big C Supermarket, which is just next to our hotel. 

This Tom Yam noodle was just fantastic.

The locals usually buy the packed food and bring to the office, so there were no tables and chairs for patrons to sit and eat there. We had to make do with this.

This kinda looks deceiving. We went in there but it was pathetic. Old, many shops closed and not alive. So we left and walked towards to Platinum Mall again when we saw the real Pratunam Market.

Yep, crowded and alive.

Then we headed to Platinum Fashion Mall.. again, because we didn't manage to cover 2 floors of one wing. We are THAT thorough..

After that, we walked along the mall outside. Bangkok is really filled with street markets!
We stopped for pizza and drinks.

Then later that night, we all had a good foot massage. They had a shoulder massage too.

Saturday is of course, Chatuchak Market day.

Crowded as usual. Which part of Bangkok not crowded leh?

More massages. 

Here are some of the nice shops in Chatuchak / JJ market.

This shop is for epic wedding stuff. 

Zakka shop in a corner.

Bangkok is rather big on handmade leather goods

Wooden kitchen and serveware.

Regretted not getting the trays. I'm sure people always leave Bangkok with regrets.

After Chatuchak, we spent the rest of the evening shopping in Big C Supermarket.

 This is the popular tom yam instant noodle that people buy in cartons.

The popular snack to buy back is also Pocky, where it comes in flavours not usually found in Malaysia or Singapore like this Choco Banana. I also bought the mango and blueberry flavours.

My rather pathetic loot. Others were busy cello-taping up their cartons and boxes.

The next day, our final day in Bangkok, we spent the morning visiting Central World a bit.
Not to be missed, I introduced them to Naraya.

We also checked out Isetan there. But after checking out the price, we checked out.

That's all folks!

Bye Bangkok! I'm sure one of us will be back!

So these are my 'souvenirs'!

 Yep, that hairband thingy is a tiara. Why? Because it was there. Heheh.
I'd recommend the Rice Milk Soap too. It is so ubiquitous, you can find it in every soap/Thai herbal shops.

Saw this kawaii shop in Platinum Mall called Moshi Moshi. Couldn't resist.

One of the independent t-shirt designer in Platinum Mall. Got one each for the boys.

You know, expectations and reality is a funny thing. To be honest, I expected my shopping to be minimal as I thought I'd be more of a tour guide but surprisingly, I shopped quite a lot too! Mostly were surprising finds, and I guess that's why many people flock back to Bangkok for shopping because you will always be surprised :)

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