Monday, August 14, 2017

Mid Century Scandinavian Furniture in Malaysia

I blogged about my crush with mid-centurian furnitures in January 2014. At that time, I was looking high and low for the senget-legged tables and consoles. I had even went to almost every furniture shops in JB but alas, they all gave me the quizzical look. That was in 2014.

Well guess what puppy, it's everywhere now.

I've seen the mid-century sofas and dining tables at a few furniture shops already, like iBenz and ANZ, but the majority comes from Facebook Suggested Pages and Ads.

Here are a few I kinda like.

Ah I covet... 

Anyways, here are another few links you can find this trendy furniture style now:

RecroFurniture at TTDI, KL.
CommuneHome in KL.

And then last week, after passing by Joy Design (Facebook page) numerous times, admiring it from my car seat on Jalan Skudai, finally we visited the shop on a quiet Thursday night. It was 8pm and as we were pulling over, the staff were about to close but they picked up our interested-vibes very sensitively and reopened their doors and gestured us to come in. Already scored brownie points!

So, obligingly, we went ahead to check out the store. And this deserves a post on its own, riiight here.

The hunt continues...

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