Thursday, December 08, 2016

Fanpekka Johor Bahru @ AEON Tebrau City

If you have young children, or if you have a screaming inner child, this is the latest playground for you... and your rascals. The first Finnish concept theme park designed by Japanese, Fanpekka, lets children learn by play, through imagination, role-playing and good ol' fun.

Picture bombs!

The park front. Quite crowded on a Sunday. But by Singaporean standards, this is not crowded.
Paid RM110 for 2 adults with screaming inner child, and 2 screaming children. The fee is for 1 day. UNLIMITED.

Must chop passport, konon. For now, no need to wear socks. Maybe in future, be prepared to bring socks.
UPDATE: Socks are compulsory now. They can be purchased for RM6 or RM10, can't recall which is the price.

First section on the left.

Imaginative play.

Role-playing and pretend-play section. I'd go crazy as a 5 year-old here. 



Ice-cream shop.

The food toys got standard wan.

There is even uniform for kids to put on.

Mai tan!


Kids love the cashier machines.

This is another section where you can BUILD your house! Any 'unoccupied' houses will be disassembled and put away. How cool!

You build the house and fill it with furniture of your choice. Then play masak-masak.

This girl... needs a maid.

For CNY reunion dinner.

SO... the boys actually zoomed past all those sections and catapulted straight here. 
The whole section is like a ship on a sea of balls. Quite fun!

My 3 pirates.

There is a small section for kids who love to do DIY crafts. There are even assistants to guide the kid.

And a costume room! No wonder I saw girls in princessy dresses.

Why oh why, wasn't I born 5 years ago!

We didn't spend the whole day there, just 2 hours plus and I thought it was a waste since we paid for 1 day. Auntiness alert!

We walked around the new AEON wing a bit and I saw Kaison for the first time. 
Homaigod. Homaigod. It is like zakka Taobao! I did a brief patrol... me likey. Brief patrol because the boys and husband are not into looong patrols in any shopping malls.

Watch out Kaison, I will come ALONE.

And then we smelled something... 
By the way, is it smelled or smelt? 

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart. There was a queue of about 15 people, but by Singaporean standards, it is a short queue.

Within 10 min, we got our freshly baked tarts.

Definitely going back for more!

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