Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Crafter's Crossroad

Lately, I've been a bit artistically demotivated. I've been making a lot of things for fun and selling them on my Etsy shop, and even though it cannot generate that kind of income to support my life, it was just..fun. But I feel that I don't have an identity. I'm not creating a brand that is identifiable and differentiated. And I'm just doing this on a whim and fancy. No real long term goals. No seriousness.

So I think I've reach the crossroad. Should I continue making rojak stuff, or focus on a craft to refine. I enjoy rojak, I love varieties. But successful brands don't sell rojak. Except, Amazon, eBay and qoo10. Yah.

Feeling lost, I spent last weekend pensively. I cycled to breakfast and on the way back, I stopped to pick grasses and weeds. I've always loved nature, and the art it can make.

Then I created these.

I felt so calm, peaceful and happy. Is this what I should pursue? Or is this another whim and fancy.

I'll see...

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