Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Making Of The Wedding Backdrop

One of my November project was making a wedding photo backdrop for a friend. I went for the vintage romantic theme, and tried to make it as economical as I could. And let me tell you, JB is a fantastic place to get wedding decors. Since I am already familiar with several shops where I get my crafts from, I knew where to go and what to get. This is usually the hardest part for folks who are not familiar with the 'kedai kahwin and kraftangan' around JB. So the hunting began!

First, I drafted out the base where everything is going to 'hang' from. Metal bars would cost A LOT, and they are heavy too, so there's no guarantee they won't topple. 

PVC pipings was opted as the best, as it is strong, light, and really economical! Plus you can choose your length and slice them easily with a saw. All you need are the bars and joints. Cost was RM16.50.

The joints were spray painted.

The rods were wrapped with satin ribbons.

The mood board!

A lightweight pastel peachy pink fabric was roughly stitched onto the top of the lace curtain.

The curtains were then hung on the back rod, and the entire base was erected. This curtain is perfect because it comes with slot heading.

 The tulle is wrapped around the front rods and sides, and goes all the way down to the floor. Then the roses vines are loosely hung and wrapped around the tulle, tied with ribbons.

Two S hooks were hung on the front rod, to hang the chalkboard. This was a 'rehearsal'. I re-wrote the names on the actual day. I also hung some chains of crystal beads alongside the pearls. 


PVC pipes and joints, and spray paint - any hardware shops. {RM16.90 & RM10}
Satin ribbons - practically any 'kedai kahwin & kraftangan' {RM12 per roll, used 4 rolls}
Roses vines - Romantika, Plaza Angsana, Level 5 {RM12.90 per strand, I walloped all 6 strands there}
Tulle and lightweight peachy pink fabric- KAMDAR, Plaza Angsana {RM2 per meter, 2m x 2 for curtain base, 6m for tulle}
Lace curtains - ALVINE SPETS from IKEA {SGD14.90}
Chalkboard - Typo {SGD24.95}
Pearl strings  and crystal bead chains - iKahwin, Jalan Padi Emas 4/1, turn in from Jalan Skudai Kanan. {about RM80}

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