Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The VolksJohore Jamboree 2014 @ Sutera Square

There was mega vintage VW gathering last weekend at Sutera Square (open space in front of the Sutera shoplots, PapaRich being one of them). The peak time was actually on Saturday evening where literally ALL the VW owners brought their Kombis, Beetle and this other model I have not seen before, and gathered at one place for a jamboree. So fun! But then, stupid me, I missed that peak timing. I went at night, and that place wasn't well lit and my pictures end up dark. So the next morning, I went back with my SLR in hand... alas, almost 80% of the cuties were already gone. Sad. So I walked around and enjoyed the remaining vans there... Oh, the ecstasy. I almost kissed one.

At least I own two of em' in my house! Heheh.

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