Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Making Vintage Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are quite hard to find. So I made some! All you need to get from the hardware shop are a sheet of wire mesh (they come in different thickness, I bought a thick and a thin one), wire cutter, a metal ruler and a fine plier (for jewelry making). A pair of gloves would be great if you have them because you would be working on something with many sharp ends.

First you have to determine the size of the basket you desire, basically the bottom, and the sides. Then measure it as if everything is flat down, like this. Cut out the four corners accordingly, that would be the height of the sides.

Then simply fold the four sides up to meet each other. Loop the ends onto each other. Fold down the sharp ends on top.

Ta da!

Spray paint! Although the wire mesh are usually galvanized, they will rust eventually. 

 My utensil cubby!

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