Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Batu Layar Beach

Last weekend, we discovered a new beach to explore. It's along the coastal line where Desaru is as well but further away. I couldn't pin-point exactly where it is, but you can enter at the Bandar Penawar sign or the roundabout on the way to Desaru.

It was indeed a hidden gem! This beach is rocky, and it got its name from the rock formations that look like sails, hence the name 'Layar' in Bahasa Melayu.

To make it easier, here are some things about the beach:

1. Batu Layar Resort is the main resort there. It is very basic, nothing fancy. There are BBQ pits for guests to have their own parties at the beachfront. There is also a basic convenience store to buy snacks, drinks, ice creams, toiletries, and even children's toys!

Love the texture of this chalet.

2. The beach is rocky. That means there are many nooks and crannies to dig for little creatures like hermit crabs.

The sand is rather fine.

3. Apparently, a lot of couples come here for their pre-wedding outdoor photoshoot. This place is also less crowded.

4. Despite numerous adorable hand-written signs to remind guests to throw their rubbish in bins provided, I saw this mess.

5. Some cute little local eateries if you walk further up a bit.

6. If you can explore further up, you'll find a fishing village. This is as kampung as it gets. I see the children gather to just play. No gadgets, no TV, no iPads, no game consoles. they were just playing with sticks and nets, or whatever on the ground.

There were 6-7 chicks in the polystyrene box!

7. SAND FLIES ALERT! I got bitten very badly and had allergic reactions to them the following day. So I'm on steroid and anti-histamines now. Sigh, just when I managed to clear my previous scars on my legs, these ones are gonna be worse, and will probably stay longer. 

All in all, it was great fun especially for the boys.

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