Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chiangmai and Bangkok

My awesome helper went back to the Philippines for 2.5 weeks, while I took a big chunk of my leave days to be full time mummy. Yay! I enjoyed my time at home immensely last year. No travelling, no hectic schedule, just simple day to day activities at home. A true luxury for working moms.

However, this year, I felt like it wasn't the same. I should've have had a blast, plus we even took a trip to Chiangmai and Bangkok with the extended family! I didn't know what state my mind was in the whole time, like I was depressed or something. Or some mental-happiness block. I was just trudging along.

And so we were in Thailand during the military coup. How exciting. But really, it wasn't. I could see how bad tourism was hit because it was QUIET in Siam Paragon and Central World. Eeerily quiet.

So, Chiangmai on the first day!

We hired a tour van to bring us to Maetaman Elephant Camp. Initially I planned to go to Maesa because it was recommended by bloggers. The guide however told us that Maetaman will be more fun because you can get a package of elephant show and rides, ox cart ride, lunch and river rafting. All for THB1500 per person. The ride took about 45 minutes. 

An elephant painting an elephant. So cute. All their paintings are for sale.

The ride. You go down the steep slope, into the river, across it, and up a steep slope and along the hillside, down steep slope again and across the river back to the side you came from. I must say, the elephant ride was probably THE highlight of our entire trip.

Kereta lembu. Hahaha. Or ox cart ride. Boring compared to elephant ride now. Hahah. Then we had simple buffet lunch at their cafeteria.

All 6-adults-and-2-kids of us sat on a bamboo raft on a peaceful and relaxing river ride. Quite long that ride. 

Next stop, King Cobra show. If you ask me, it was just so-so. It's harder to impress folks like us who have watched Ananconda ok.

Next stop, Crocodile show.

Second day, our itinery was Doi Suthep, Wat Chedi Luang and the Saturday Walking Street.

Some of us walked up 300 over steps up to the temple, while some of us lazybums took the 'elevator'.

Entrance of Doi Suthep.

A monk blessing people with holy water and chants.

Wat Chedi Luang, back in the Old City area.

We bought two little cages to free two little birds in each.

Inside the temple.

You can buy a flag, have your name and names of your loved ones written on it, then hung for good luck and protection.

In the evening, it rained when we reach the Saturday Walking Street and kept raining! Oh what luck. I was looking forward to see what local crafts there are there. We managed to get ponchos and umbrellas, and continued in the rain. The stalls closed early because of the rain too. Oh shucks.

We left for Bangkok the next day, and well... I stopped taking pictures after that. Was just not in the mood. Trudge trudge. We managed to cover Chatuchak market, Erawan Shrine, Platinum Fashion Mall, Asiatique, Siam Paragon and Central World (briefly, just walkthrough). I don't know why, the passion to shop was not there this time.

After 5 night, we were back. It just felt good being at home again.

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