Friday, March 28, 2014

Letters To My Boys : Everything's Good

Dear Daniel and Darren,
Nothing makes me happier than watching the two of you play together. In my opinion, the both of you get along fine. I have seen other siblings fight and quite frankly it shocked me. For now, I am very glad that I have not seen any violence or aggression between the two of you other than the usual harmless banter and whining. You are considered gentle, my boys, I am so proud of you.

Daniel, oh my precious Daniel. You are going to be 9! You still hold my hand and hug me. At night, you still want me to tuck you into bed and lie next to you until you fall asleep. I wish I can do better. Sometimes, I am so tired I just want to quickly shower and get into my own bed, so I tell you "Not tonight sweetcakes, I have many things to do first and I am so sleepy". I always regret it, but I can't help it. I want to do better. The time will come when you no longer want to do all those. A part of my maternal instincts was also to let go slowly. I don't want you to be a mama's boy, all clingy, and dependent. I want you to start living your life, to learn about life, sometimes without me. You have to learn how to face disappointment, loneliness and rejection sometimes. Oh gosh I hope I am doing it right. But I do see you are rather resilient and gracious in overcoming negative things, and I hope you carry this gift forever. Everyday you make me proud.

Darren, oh my sweet Darren. You turned 4! At this age, like your brother, you say the funniest things, make the funniest faces and most adorable noises. You are undoubtedly at your maximum cuteness age. I see a resemblance between you and your brother, of the soul kind. I feel your kind heart, good nature and your strong spirit. You have no idea how happy that makes me. Because you are the second child, by textbook, you are more courageous and rebellious.. in a cute way now. You are very determined and insistent. You are also sensible and smart. Please stay that way!

Mummy loves you, always.

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