Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Neon Pink

Neon is back! Well, apparently for some time already. But I recently started to adore it, especially with gold and mint.

These could be my happiest Christmas arrivals.

Confetti card stamped using rubber eraser refills.

Five Stones game beanies, one is hand drawn using neon pink fabric marker.

Etsy is a great place to find neon.

Neon Pink Dipped Triangle Earring Studs by BoutiqueMinimaliste

Studded pink neon genuine leather & gold double wrap bracelet with gold tassel by sewsephine

Neon Pink Charm Necklace - Vintage Locket - Oval Vintage Pendant by TheBloomingThread

Neon Pink Gold Dipped Scallops, Polymer Clay Necklace by AQuietCuriosity

Hand Printed Linen Cushion Cover - Neon Pink Polka Dot by hellomilky

Neon Pink Owl Tote Bag - Natural Linen Owl Tote Bag by LesMiniboux

I know it's weird to some of you, but it may grow on you!

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