Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Hate The World Day

(wanted to post this last week but I was out of orbit in a hormonal sort of way)

I'm having one of those days where it feels as though some bad planetary alignment is causing me to become a cosmic bitch or something.

I am riding the worst ever emo roller coaster ride since last week. Worst part is that I can't control it. PMS is lethal. It's true because I was thinking of wanting to attempt to try to end my life last night. I can't even cheer myself up, let alone my pretty collection of fabric stash. For those who go through this every month or those who have been through this before, you know how it feels. For those who don't, I can't really describe it. I guess it's like drugs. Like a bitch drug.

But why is it so toxic lately? I told my hormones to f*** off for 5 minutes while I sit with a sane brain to rationalize my ups and downs. They say the top reason why women get angry, is usually because of their husbands/boyfriends/wives/girlfriends. Yes?

Yes. He's been very stressed about work. In fact, I can't remember when was the last time he WASN'T stressed about work. Poor guy. I tried my utmost best to be understanding and gracious though I didn't like those regular night out for drinks and not-coming-home-for-dinners. I know sometimes he has to, and sometimes he just wants to chill outside. I'm empathetic when he talks about his ugly encounters with ugly contractors. It makes me want to kill them. And then lately there were more stressed up days where he'd be so exhausted that he'll just doze off on the couch after dinner while I am hanging out with the kids. Poor guy.

Suddenly, I wasn't just going to 'let it pass'. This bitch ain't going to LET IT PASS. His work stress have been affecting me! And fueling my hormonal fire! We. Are. Both. On. Fire. These two weeks alone, I have been MAD at him FIVE times. FIVE! It's so tiring.

Oh please, my period, come already.


Anonymous said...

Rest well, take your health supplements and do some exercise. It will chase your bad moods away. Then have a good talk with your hubby when you are not feeling like a bitch.

Hui Ching said...

That was from me.

Ally said...

Thanks! And phew, felt better after period came. Also had a good talk with him :)