Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I came across this picture and went , "HOLY MALONEY! This was what my dreams looked like!" Almost like this! I always had bizarre dreams when I was younger, probably late teens to early twenties. And I remember some of them until now!

There were several times I dreamt of swimming in a dark sea at night, and it was very scary! Or I would be swimming near an island, the sea was dark greenish blue and very deep. And then I'd be lifted high up into the sky and free-fall back into the sea water! F.R.I.G.H.T.E.N.I.N.G !! I'd clench my teeth and grimace as if I'm in a roller coaster. And I HATE roller coasters! Why are my dreams so scary?
So the next best move is to connect to the internet and google 'dreams interpretation'.
According to dreamforth, 'swimming in the sea in darkness/night' means:
To dream of the sea reflects your current emotions, whether they be rough or calm. It also symbolizes the conversion between your unconscious and conscious mind. The dream may also suggest your observation of a certain situation or feeling. There may be a notion that you need to 'see' more clearly. In addition, the dream may represent a need for confidence and security, or the need to offer someone else comfort and ease.

To dream of night denotes serious difficulty and hurdles in achieving your real life goals. There are still gray areas about some issues affecting your life. You have to put aside your prejudice and objectively look at the circumstances when you tackle these issues.

To dream that you are swimming implies that you are entering a period of self-discovery and personal growth. Perhaps you need assistance with matters pertaining to your feelings. This is a normal dream for people who are seeking professional emotional healing. To dream that you are swimming underwater indicates that you feel overwhelmed by your emotions. Perhaps you are pushing yourself too hard to confront these issues.
To dream that you fall and are frightened represents that you do not have balance or power in your life. You could be undergoing massive difficulties or a problem that is consuming you. You may not have been able to attain your ambitions.
SO. I guess when I was that age, I went through some emotional, spiritual reformation or battle or something. I think I know the reason...

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