Monday, January 09, 2012

High Productivity

I had microbial eczema on my left leg. From a cut, to a stubborn rash that wouldn't heal, for 6 months. And then the eczema spread. And then the itch became rather annoying and frustrating. I had spots all over my thighs, lower leg, on my buttocks and some on my arms and hands. Bumps that were itchy, and weepy. Thank goodness, it wasn't scabies (eww!)
It took me 6 months to see a skin specialist, that's how stubborn I am. So, I was put on oral steroid and antibiotics for a week. This was my first time taking oral steroid. And BOY IT MADE ME SLEEP REALLY REALLY LATE AND I HAD ALL THE ENERGY AND VIGOR ALL WEEK LONG YABADDABADOOO!!!!!

I was literally an energizer bunny. I was organizing my things really well, I was DOING rather than mulling! And I felt accomplished! This coincided with Daniel's first week in Primary One, so I was running all over places to get this and that done.

And these were completed, finally!

My IKEA shadow frame has been sitting in a box for ages. I tell you, when inspiration comes in a form of oral steroid, you practically get anything you want done. That little cute bunny is a handphone accessory that has been staring at me for ages too.

SOCK monkey! For 3 months, it was just the body, hands, tail, ears and nose, all in separate pieces. It now has a soul.

These two fellas were made some time ago. Never thought gardening gloves would be so useful... hee hee!

These socky cuddlies were made possible by this book:

Now that it's end of my oral steroid week, my skin is better, and I'm starting to feel sleepy...

Reallieee sleeeepy...


Anonymous said...

Take Care Ally,


Ally said...

Thank you Sally, I'm better already :)