Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Dream Wedding

I never had mine. If I could do it all again, It would look like something we can't achieve here in Johor Bahru. For many reasons.
I love simple, handmade weddings, maybe with bursts of bright happy colors. Something whimsical, dreamy, natural and just happy!

I would wear this. From J.Crew, have pocket, can stuff ang pows inside, and my iPhone so that I can constantly check Facebook. Haha.

And this. Tee hee.

This would be my shoes.

My bouquet. LOVE the gigantic awesome pink peony.

My groom's boutonniere.

I would have an entourage of matching-geared bridesmaids.

The heng-tai will wear funny socks.

Tell me what you do with wedding invitation cards you receive here in Malaysia. Say what? Yes, they go to the trashbin, where they deserve to be. Unless they are really special (and expensive to make), your mesmerized guests will keep them. Now, you wouldn't throw THESE away would you?

My escort cards. They don't exist in typical Malaysian weddings. Here, we have pretty wedding receptionists who will accept your ang pow and tell you your table number. 1,2,3...85. Never fancy names like Hope, Love, Faith, Gratitude, or Rosemary, Basil, Oregano. Because our san ku ma cannot pronounce them.

My table setting. Over here, why bother. No manpower, no creativity, not interested.

My table centerpiece. Same thing, not bothered, no creativity, not interested.

Menu and program fan. I love handwritten fonts.

Wedding favors. We always get the tasteless cartoony Chinese bride and groom illustration on a box containing tasteless round brown thing or weird polymer-tasting candies. Oh, they are chocolates.

The cake. OH, the cake. Here, we cut a FAKE cake. On the stage, followed by popping of the champagne and toasting Yam Seng. Standard protocol.

In JB, when we receive a wedding invitation, 99% of the time, it says "Peking Restaurant". Because there is nowhere else. I have to talk to Peking to build an indoor-outdoor wedding dreamland. Get it? An outdoor setting, enclosed in a giant dome. Forget it. Here are some of the places a wedding should take place.

We'll take beautiful candid shots.

And lastly, we'll have our first dance. Here, we eat the last dish of the 10 course meal, usually longan and almond jelly, and then go home.

Amazing, after publishing this post, I feel like I actually HAD my dream wedding!!


Ellen Yeo said...

can i bake your wedding cupcakes? pretty please?

Hui Ching said...

I can make your dress. Looks simple enough.

Kindra Leomiti said...

I love how you put humor and creativity in your dream wedding… Those colorful socks for the men added that “Alice in Wonderland” theme in my mind. I guess you should follow that as an inspiration… Wedding ceremonies today are becoming more imaginative. Your dream wedding could be one of the best. ;)

Unknown said...

I like your humor. Haha! I must agree with the indoor-outdoor dreamland! If I am to get married, I’ll definitely feel dreamy if my wedding venue is fairytale-like or at least has the ambience of a dreamland. Everyone wouldn’t forget such a wedding.

Kelli Mueller