Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mooncake Festival Electrical Lanterns

It's time of the year again, for the loud annoying electric moon cake festival LANTERNS with REPULSIVE techno kiddie music!

If you have a child of 0-4 years of age, and have doting grandparent(s) and aunts and uncles, and live in Malaysia, chances are you will have one of these at home sometime this month.

See that little speaker there? It looks harmless, yes? YOU ARE DEAD WRONG!

Here's how to mute it. No, sorry, you can't ever mute it unless you run it over with your car.

Here's how to muffle it. Go to your stationery supply shop and get some of these Tack-It sticky thing. Cover the speaker with it. A pack of these can cover 50 loud annoying electrical lanterns.

You are welcome!!


Ellen Yeo said...

Eat this mannnn, eat this!! Lol!

Ally said...

Why, thank you *bowing*

Jay Jay said...

What i did was to wake up in the middle of the night and cut the wire leading to the speakers, leaving the lights intact...