Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Post-miscarriage confinement

This is harder than I thought, writing about my miscarriage. Too lengthy. What's harder is the post-miscarriage confinement.

If you're Chinese and there was a life growing inside of you, confinement is mandatory.

Confinement is fiiiine. Usually, you just eat special nutritious drunken food, rest and gaze at your newborn sleeping most of the time. But if it's after a miscarriage, it's just special nutritious drunken food, rest and a daily reminder about the unfortunate event. How so?

Everytime I want to drink something, it's not water, it's the red date longan wolfberry herbal drink and it's a reminder of the unfortunate event.

Everytime at dinner, I have to eat the drunken chicken with kilos of ginger, and it's a reminder of the unfortunate event.

Everytime after I shower, I have to dry my hair fast and keep myself warm with leggings and socks, and it's a reminder of the unfortunate event.

Everyday for a month, I get reminded of the unfortunate event.

I'll write my story when I get the mojo.


Ellen Yeo said...

I can only imagine it to be extremely, extremely tough but we're with you in spirit, girl...with you in spirit.

Ally said...

Thank you so much. The support from friends and family has been a great help.

Anonymous said...

ally.. we are on the same boat. I just had a first miscarrage.. and its my first preg :( it is awful. but i try to tell myself "tmr is a new day" Give yourself a chance and control your thought... think positive. Can u please share your tonic and confinement? I would like to do the same. Take care!

Ally said...

I'm so sorry to hear that :( Our babies are with the angels.

Confinement after a miscarriage is the same with any other confinement. Just basically eat a balanced diet. I ate chicken cooked with lots of ginger and wine. Add a dash of DOMs if you have. I also took pao shen, not sure what's the English name for it.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

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