Friday, March 04, 2011


I get the best of both worlds, working in Singapore and living in Malaysia. Everyday, the causeway is the link to my two worlds.
Many people give me the jaw-drop when I tell them I commute daily. It's like hearing that I go through the birth canal everyday. Truth is, it is not as bad. Sure there's a bit of jam here and there, but look at our world now, jam is part of life. I heard people get suffocated getting to work by trains. Anyway, I'm trying to list down what are the things that come to my mind when I think of the country that is paying for my livelihood (I pay tax back ya).

In no particular order of preference:


Structured and organized in many ways.

PAP wins.

Don't U-turn when there's no U-Turn sign. Calamity ensues.

Taxi drivers honk at other drivers, just because.

Taxi drivers charge the proper metered fare. No more, no less.

Sardine-packed MRTs during peak hour, with rude crazy people who stands near the door and refuse to move inside.

Orchard Road. Christmas lights.

DECLINING birth rate. Always thinking of ways to encourage marriage and babies.

Baby Bonus. Couples get money from government when baby is born.

RISING cost of living.

Everyone has either an iPhone, an iPod or an iPad, in most cases, all three. (Shit I'm one of them!)

Teenagers speak different language.

LOVES Korean drama.


Channel 5, Channel 8 and Channel U.

CLASS 95 Morning Show. Flying Dutchman, Glenn and Vernetta are like my morning coffee.

ERP. Beep!

Small country but never seem to run out of space to build condos.

Spotlight and Made With Love. LOVE the crafting shops and community here.

Online shopping. It seems safer and cheaper to get things delivered to Singapore than Malaysia.

Rich Indonesian Chinese tai-tais at Orchard.

Yellow noodles have the funny bitter aftertaste.

Superb dining varieties.

Japanese food is better here, according to the mummy dearest.

Shows, plays, musicals, concerts.

SAFEST city.

My awesome colleagues and friends.

Filipina maids taking dogs for a walk, or ang moh kid in stroller.

Pedestrian crossing. MUST STOP.

Trucks carrying foreign labourers.

Yong Tau Fu stalls exists in almost EVERY food court. Along with chicken rice stalls, economy rice stalls, noodles and dumplings stalls, Indonesian rice stalls, Korean kimchi and bibimbap stalls, Japanese food stalls, and Western food stalls. (for more atas food courts)

Cashcards, NETS and EZLink cards.

The zoo and night safari.

Cable car.

NTUC and Cold Storage.


Marks and Spencer.

Toys R Us. Cheaper here.

Will start queuing at 4am to get into Lego shop during special sale.

Will queue.


Salvation Army.

No Plastic Bags Day.

R.O.M. Registration of Marriage. Then buy HDB flat. Then hold banquet. Then have baby. Then play shares and stocks. Then buy condo for investment.


Gay bars.




Fancy cars.

Hmm... shopping?

I guess that's about it for now. Feel free to add.


Ellen Yeo said...

Tissue paper to 'chop' place at the foodcourts

Ally said...

Kam siah kam siah.

spencer shopping said...

very informative and interesting blog.
Thanks for sharing:-)