Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Penang Weekend

Nothing beats Penang's signature food, that I can say for sure. First chance you get when you touch down, go for the kill.

Ai sey man. Sorry. Sudah sapu habis.

I tell you, they have magic wok. Or magic fingers. Whatever it is, the food taste like magic.

Poor boy, survived only on water and dim sum.

And who say you can give Kek Lok Si a pass. No, you must go there.

They are building a beautiful bronze Goddess of Mercy at the hill. It's like she is overlooking the whole island and protecting it.

You can also make a donation and have your name written on one of the roof tiles that will be used in the massive construction.

And we're back. Oh, did I mention we were actually in Penang for my cousin's wedding? Hahahaha. I think wedding banquets in Penang should start serving char kuey teow, or chien, rojak and prawn noodle so that guests from out of town will ALWAYS remember the wedding!



Bangsat... said...

ooo lovely trip, my parents use to take me when i was a kid. now, i tell them "aiya, u want char kueh teow ah, just go ta pao from tebrau la, penang so far.."

Ally said...

Penang one different... more shiok!

Kean Hong said...

ah, u ate the red hat aunty char koay teow that recently becomes the headline in papers and FB. the super expensive koay teow..... boycott her many penangite.

Ally said...

Ya kah? So, she famous in a good way or bad way?

Anonymous said...

i love penang! i remember taking about a million pics at kek lok si :)
- s.