Thursday, April 01, 2010

Getting The Hang Of It

I was zombified for a few days post-confinement. Plus very stressed up. As my confinement was ending, everyone at home was getting sick including myself. We blamed it on the crazy weather. Hot during the first half of the day, rainy the rest of the day. I was feeling the 'heat' from all the heaty food I've been taking as well and it came in the form of a sore throat followed by a brief fever ON the full month dinner day, and now I'm blowing out thick green mucus.

I spent the few nights practically sleepless, observing baby's sleep patterns and most of the time sensitive to his little grunts and stretches when he sleeps. I became jaded, a little shaky from the all-night tense muscles, and I hated having blocked nose when I try to sleep. I didn't quite settle on a routine yet and that made me 'unsettled'. I need things to be in order to feel good and in control.

Now, I feel so much better. I managed to doze off last night, and sleep deeply for 2 hours at least, oblivious to his little grunts and movements. I'm getting back to a civilized routine and it feels good.

Yesterday, as I burped baby AND helped Daniel with a little jigsaw game simultaneously, I thought to myself, hey I can do this!


Kean Hong said...

so fast, 1 mth confinement is done. Enjoy your moment.... cheers

Weng Wah - 荣华 said...