Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Husbands in Bed

What I'm about to say, has probably happened to many married ladies out there at some point of their married life. Some keep to themselves and carry on with their daily lives, some joke about it.

Last night, the husband and I were chatting a bit in bed before sleep. I had this uneasy feeling I didn't know why. We talked about some usual bla bla stuff and then came to the topic of Tiger Woods and cheating. There was a pause for a while. Then out of the blue, he said in a low guilty tone,

"I'm sorry"

Silence. My heart skipped a beat.

Then it hit me. HARD.


Oh, the uneasy feeling I had was probably from the chilli fries, chocolate ice cream, bread, prunes and keropok I had simultaneously.


PL said...

Yes, it happened to me too, frequently. If it weren't for her pregnancy, I would've stuff a cork up her a***!

Anonymous said...

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