Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just a weekend

Baby2 has been moving quite furiously. Maybe it's because I'm a kanchiong spider today. So many things I want to do! From labwork to my craft projects.

I've been given a corner space to display and sell my handmade knick-knacks! This natural product-themed shop is in Permas, and I've yet to visit it. Now my ideas keep pouring in and all I need is time. Pouches, bags, noteboooks, notecards, gift tags, calendars, all need to be rushed for the Christmas season. More hand-printing, gocco-ing (I HAVE to blog about this), stamping and sewing. I need my clones!

Weekend was gorgeous.
Lontong. Sedap.

My backyard. Josie planted ladies finger... they're sweet and have big seeds. The chillies get eaten by rats.

Wash crabs, steam crabs, eat crabs. Not me though. That's not Josie ya, that's my aunt from To-kee-yo.


kim said...

lontong dari mana? looks enak dan lazat

Ally said...

Lontong dari kedai di Bandar Baru UDA. Roti canai pun best sekali.

Angeline said...

wah, big boy is such a good helper. what the heck? rats eat chillies?
Good luck with your little business!