Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Old Wood Old Friends

I'm back at work after one year of .... not one year? No? 4 days? Only? Jeesh, it feels like an eternity. That's how long weekends feels to me.

SO, we went back to Seremban. We reached, unpacked, and had to dress up for a wedding reception up in KL, at Banker's Club. Apparently, it is a sophisticated private club primarily for business execs, community leaders and their international associates to meet and entertain in an atmosphere of exclusivity.

If you're getting married and looking a place that spells and smells high-society-serious-business, this is the place. The pink rose petals on the tables didn't help. Nyaha.

It is an elegant traditional English-style setting. Lots of red wood, equestrian oil paintings, chandeliers and professional waiters who dressed better than some of the guests.

And there's my little man who attracted the cameraman throughout the reception, like flies to dirty diaper.
Next up, Josie my new Filipina helper!

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